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Monday, October 14, 2013

Photography & A Little Update

Hello Everyone :o)
How are you all?
As some of you may know one of my other favourite activities is Photography!
This year I have taken many pictures I am really proud of, some of which I am sharing with you today!
I like to photograph animals, nature, people and landscapes! 
I am always eager to try new things! Therefore, if you have any suggestions on what you think I should photograph next, Please feel free to let me know! :)

Today I also have a little update for you.
I am currently living in Perth Western Australia.
I am now completeling my last/12th year of high school via correspondence.
Currently my favourite activities are: Photographing (as I mentioned already), Blogging, spending time with my family, going for walks in the sunshine and spending time with my pet cat Arfa!

At the moment I am not beading or making jewellery as with the recent move it has been slightly difficult to get supplies! I am intending this week to have a good look at the local shops for new materials, including some plain white buttons I can dye in all pretty colours! 

Thank you for reading my new post! I hope you are well and you too are finding your inspiration!
Before you leave! Please feel free to view my photographs below and also check out my photography page on Facebook: Miss Mollys Photography

~ Molly xo

My beautiful darling niece Lila <3
My absolutely adorable nephew Luukas :o)
These flowers are actually very tiny in real-life
I risked a sting with this shot hehe

Copyright 2013-2014 Beauté Beads

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Update on My Recent Events & My New Finished Project

Hello Everyone :o)
I have had so much happen in the last few months! I have moved interstate from Queensland to Western Australia. Began new schooling, met up with family members whom of which I haven't seen in a very long time.

I have just given you the simplest version of events at 1/1000 of how much detail I could give you! Haha. I won't though as I know how boring it can get reading forever.

Well. For my very first tafe project I got to choose to plan and make something of my choice! Of course I chose to make jewelry!

What I made!
Below are pictures of this truly beautiful bracelet I am so please with! I have actually kept it for myself which I rarely keep jewellery I make for myself!
I have also made with it, a display box lined with purple fabric and cushioning.
It has a beautiful bow and swirl charm with draping chain on the front.

I would love to know what you think! 

In the past Beaute Beads has focused very much on my jewellery that I have made.
I now want to involve and encourage you and other jewellery designers and creators. Even people who are starting jewellery for the first time!
I want this blog to be useful and helpful to others, not just for myself!

How I will do this (what to look forward to):
  • More tutorials 
  • Jewellery creation/design competitions
  • More jewellery making tips
  • Shouting out for other jewellery designers/creators!
Next year I am going to be doing a Diploma in Jewellery Design!
I can promise you I will take you along my journey and I can guarantee you will get to see the best of things to come!

I am so excited! I will get to learn how to:
  • Silver smith
  • Solder precious metals
  • Cut gemstones
  • Make glass beads
  • Bend and mold metal 
  • Plus more!
Thank you for reading my update, leave a comment below with your blog link and I will pop over and visit you! :) <3

~Molly x


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I'm Back ! :)

It's been a very long time since I've posted here. My apologies. I've been very busy with finishing year 11 of school, Christmas and spending time with family and friends.
Now I have some more time to blog I will do my very best to keep up and post more often. A few months ago I begun photographing things other then jewellery. Including wildlife, my pets, landscape, flowers and other things.
I hope life has been treating you all well. I am looking forward to re-visiting your blogs to see what you've been up to! :)

x Molly


Freshwater Pearl Necklace Set

This is a lovely fresh water pearl necklace set I made with glass beads. The set includes; necklace, bracelet and sterling silver earrings.

 Copyright 2013-2014 Beauté Beads

Saturday, May 19, 2012

My Sweet 16th Birthday !

My Sweet 16th Birthday ! <3

Its official! I am now 16 years old! 

I have wanted to be 16 for so long! However I have now made a pact with myself to not wish my life away!

I got so spoilt! I am so grateful for all these amazing gifts! Great thanks to those special people who gifted me! 

I got given so many beauty products! Makeup, perfume and hair care products. 
I also recieved a pair of new high heel shoes, a new 10 megapixel digital camera (will be great for photographing my jewellery), a $50 Itunes card, birthday money, a button jewellery book, a case/stand and touch screen pen for my Ipad, a beautiful belt from Thailand and a precious sweet 16 charm necklace in Sterling Silver!

We went out for dinner at a beautiful restaurant here on the boat harbour! My friend from TAFE stayed over for my birthday! We had a delicious chocolate mud cake when we got home!